The Beginning

Our Story

Founded in 2013, Plaxonic has been at the forefront of a digital revolution creating innovative solutions. From Delhi NCR, India, our innovation hub, we've expanded globally to 6 offices spanning over 4 countries. What ignited as a team of 7 has blossomed into a 200+ strong community of happy, motivated, ambitious members.

Led by our visionary Founder and CEO, Shaan Rizvi, we prioritize people and results. Our passion for IT services and products drives us to push boundaries. Plaxonic isn't just about growth, it's a testament to our commitment to shaping the digital landscape.

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Growing Together as One Family

At Plaxonic, we're more than a company – we're a united global family. Collaborating across continents, we share diverse insights, support one another, and drive collective growth, strengthening our bonds as we navigate the digital frontier.

A People-First Approach

Plaxonic's foundation is built upon valuing its employees. This culture fosters an environment where creativity and problem-solving thrive, empowering our team to challenge limits and consistently deliver extraordinary outcomes.

Our Offices

From the bustling streets of Delhi NCR, (India), to the dynamic landscapes of Palampur (India), Bengaluru (India), Dubai (UAE), Amsterdam (Netherlands), and Rhode Island (USA), our offices span the world. These vibrant spaces embody Plaxonic's spirit of innovation, enabling cross-border collaboration and nurturing creativity that transcends geographical boundaries.

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Plaxonic is a global IT services, consulting, and business solutions company specializing in digital transformation and innovative solutions. With a team of experts, developers, dreamers & achievers, and consultants, we work on innovative technologies to deliver unmatched functionalities. We operate in six countries and serve clients in over 40 countries worldwide, and are recognized as one of the best places to work.

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